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Muse, Yellow


deadsymmetry: Manuel Granados
Muse, Yellow

Anonymous said: Where have you been? You do t post nearly as much as you used to. Hope all is well 🌺

All is well little ghostie but as the story so happens to go well you see I moved down to Florida in January or so and about a month or two later my aunt (whom i moved in with) discovered both my tumblr and my friends tumblr (who had a pretty sketchy blog at the time) and totally wanted me off until I was 18. She literally called our blogs smut which I kinda sorta understand annnnnnnddd I lost my phone so I’ve just had no access at all to tumblr. I’m getting a new phone relatively soon though so I should be getting back to basics any day now.


Kitazawa Shigeru

A Syrian wounded by shelling sits on a chair outside a closed shop in the Al-Muasalat area in Aleppo.


I am alive and safe


Smoke rises during an Israeli offensive in the east of Gaza City on July 27, 2014. (Ahmed Zakot/Reuters) fruitgod:

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